Who We Are

How we began

In the summer of 2020 David was browsing an online ads site when he discovered a 100 watt CO2 laser engraver / cutter for sale from a local sign shop. Being the tool collector he is, David immediately jumped on the opportunity to obtain another tool for a very good price, somewhat to the dismay of his wife, Jennifer! After getting the laser home, David cleaned it and put in a new mirror and a new lens and began the process of learning how to use this new tool.

After getting to know the laser, and becoming proficient on it, David and Jennifer made the decision to start a business around it. Our first customer was a realtor who wanted cutting boards for gifts to his clients. Thus began DRM Cutting and Engraving!

How it's going

Since starting our business we have been adding capabilities and technologies that will allow us to better serve our customers.

Our first customer wanted a very specific cutting board to give to his clients. After searching the internet for the cutting board that was needed we finally found it at a company called JDS Industries. JDS has become one of our largest suppliers for the products that we engrave for our customers. After the first order we began to work on engraving tumblers and eventually we developed our own rotary fixture for engraving tumblers and cups that allows us to engrave small and odd shaped cups and tumblers as well as large cups and tumblers like the 64oz Growler.

We have also added capabilities such as UV printing which allows us to print directly onto substrates such as plastics, wood, canvas, and even Golf Balls and Hockey Pucks! We are also in the process of creating a rotary positioner to use with the UV printer so that we can print full color on cups and tumblers.

Our latest acquisition is a small CNC router. This acquisition will allow us to precisely engrave on woods and plastics, much like the laser, but with the added benefit of being able to better and more accurately control not only the depth of the cut, but also the contour of the cut. This technology is very useful in the creation of directional building signs, room signs, and building directories.

All of these technologies allow us to provide our customers with almost anything they could want in terms of gifts, signage, or promotional products for their own business!